Streamyx & Unifi Registration for Home
Zero Entry (Free Installation
& Activation)



    Unifi VIP5, VIP10 and VIP20
         - Zero Entry (Free Standard Installation)
           (For customers who request for special installation than the standard
            installation, charges applied)

         - Please note that 1 month free promotion already ended 31 March 2013
         - Free Wireless Modem - 1 year warranty
         - Free Cordless Phone
         - Free calls to all TM lines, 10 cents per minute to all Malaysia mobiles
         - Free TV Channels
         - Unlimited usage at the moment
         - 2 years contract (Penalty RM500 for early termination)

         - Zero Entry (Free installation and free activation for streamyx)
           (For customers who do not have house phone yet, installation of
            house phone will be RM30 - RM50, if wiring needed, there will be
            additional charge depending on the length of the wiring)

     - Free Wireless Modem - 1 year warranty
         - Unlimited usage (no quota)
         - 1 year contract (Penalty RM350 for early termination)

Blockbuster RM110, RM130 and RM140 packages are with:
            - please note that 1 month free promotion already ended 31 March 2013
            - fr
ee cordless phone for new phone line applicants
            - free unlimited calls to all TM fixed lines
            - 10 cents per minute calling all Malaysia mobiles

Blockbuster RM60 and RM90 packages are with:
            - free normal phone for new phone line applicants.
            - NOT including free unlimited calls.

NOTE: Please read and understand the following terms and conditions:

For Streamyx Applicants:
    - For existing house phone owners, once you apply for blockbuster package,
      you no longer need to pay your existing phone line rental RM25
    - If you do not have existing house phone number yet
          - Stamp duty RM10 in the first bill
          - Deposit RM75 in the first bill (For Non-Malaysians, deposit will be RM1,075)


For Unifi Applicants:
    - No deposit charged

For Upgrade:
    - If you wish to upgrade from streamyx to unifi, please call us.
    - If you wish to upgrade your streamyx to higher package, please proceed to the
      nearest TM Point office.

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